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Hetton Advisory

We are a boutique advisory firm specialising in building operational excellence capability and the governance to support it.  Founded in 2019, both directors have their own area of specialisation and share deep expertise in financial services. 

The digital economy is both an existential threat and an extraordinary opportunity for many organisations, particularly mature, service organisations. Customers' expectations are being shaped by the digital services on offer at Uber, Amazon, Airbnb and Spotify, to name but a few.


Current business and process complexity mean a digital transformation is not a quick fix. It is cash and people resource intensive. Funding the digital transformation means business-as-usual operating budgets are cut and investment is disproportionately skewed towards the transformation.


Teams managing the day-to-day are under intense pressure to meet ongoing service requirements and innovate and improve, while their most knowledgeable team members are transitioned on to the transformation programme. Maintaining focus, morale and retaining staff in this environment is extraordinarily challenging.


At Hetton Advisory our objective is for your teams not only to survive the relentless change but also learn to thrive.   To do this we focus on building capability both within the teams responsible for day-to-day operations and the board members responsible for steering and guiding their organisations.

We provide the tools, techniques and frameworks to critically analyse situations, generate options and pursue an appropriate path forward.  We do this through an innovative mix of diagnostics, coaching, training, role playing and gamification.

If this environment sounds familiar and the challenges you and your teams are facing are becoming increasingly overwhelming, why not talk to us.  We may be able to help.


Nigel Adams

Nigel is a thought leader in service operations excellence.  He is known for driving performance and transformational change, at pace, while leading large, multi-award winning teams in complex delivery networks, distributed across many countries and locations


Katy has over 25 years' financial services expertise working in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia as a lawyer in private practice and in-house, with the regulator and in internal and external dispute resolution.

Katy Adams

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